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My name is Boris and I want to be the first person to welcome you to our Jersey City company’s website. Depending on your urgency you may want to read more about our company or if you need us right away please call. Our phone number is at the top of the site, to the right, and put anywhere we could imagine. We welcome and want your call.

We are the professional Jersey City locksmith company that you can count on. If you are having problems with anything that has to do with a lock or a key, we can help. We are confident because we have been doing this for many years and we help customers all the time with their vehicles. Whether you are needing a locksmith for your car, truck, van, or even a bus Mr. Locksmith is the company to call. We do everything from car lockouts to remaking a transponder key we can help. We look forward to being your Jersey City car locksmith of choice.

*We also service surrounding cities in New Jersey. For a better list of the cities we offer our locksmith services to you can visit our areas of service page.

Some Quick Tips: Local Locksmith Help

Here are some quick tips if you are having problems with your cars locks or keys to your car.

1. If you own a car that is older than 1998, you shouldn’t go get a basic copy of your car key hoping that it will start the car. Car keys past 1998 are almost all made with a chip that communicates with the car. If the chip is not there or not programmed correctly, then your car will not start. Save yourself some money by getting the right car key made initially.

2. If you don’t have a key fob, we recommend getting one. Why? Key fobs save you from needing to insert your key into your lock to unlock it. Skipping this step will make your keys last longer and have less of a chance of breaking in a lock or ignition on your watch. We do key fob replacements in case yours broke, got lost, or simply doesn’t work anymore.

3. Call right away. Many people lock themselves out of their cars or even homes everyday. That means our locksmith technicians are busy helping people get back in after a lockout. The longer you wait the harder it will be for us to schedule you in. Call as soon as possible so that we can respond to your locksmith emergency as quick as possible.

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend…

Betty L. | Jun 19, 2014 | Elizabeth, NJ

Call Today!
(908) 768-3971
Jersey City, NJ
Client Testimonial
The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend… ~ Betty L. - Elizabeth, NJ

Types of Car Locksmith Services We Do

A list for you to better understand what we do and offer.

Car Lock Repair

Everyone in Jersey City, NJ that owns a car should have properly operating locks. Locks help keep the car safe and help keep unwanted drivers out. If you locks are no longer working properly, they are either not locking at all or staying locked and not allowing the “right” driver to enter.

We are experienced with dealing with car door locks and car trunk locks. We can repair your car door locks or trunk locks. If your lock needs to be replaced, we can handle that too.

Car Key Cutting

There are many different aspects of cutting a car key. For example, is your key a high security key that needs special laser key cutting or is it chipped and need programmed too. We cut many keys for many different makes and models of automobiles. When you call we will ask you a serious of questions to help us better serve you and your vehicle.

Car Key Programming

Like mentioned above not all car key cutting is equal. Some cars need to be cut and then programmed. We have the equipment and expertise to program your new car keys. We program car keys for all types of reasons. One of which is because the owner simply wants a spare car key just in case they lose their only car key.

Car Lockout Services

Most of us have done it once in our lifetime and some of us do it more often than that. We unlock cars in emergency situations and not so emergency situations. Call today to have us meet you and unlock your car for you. We work hard to offer good rates when you lose your car keys or lock them in your car. We want to make your bad situation as good as possible.

Car Key Extraction

Keys break all the time and oftentimes they break inside a lock or inside the vehicle’s ignition. When this happens you can call us to come out and extract the key and make a brand new key to replace it. Sometimes people try to get their car key out themselves and have been known to damage their locks and even their vehicle at times. We are trained and experienced in taking out broken car keys and making new keys for the car.

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