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Hi, my name is Boris and I am proud to welcome you to my locksmith company in Jersey City, NJ. We are a mobile locksmith in Jersey City that services our customers at their location. We work hard at proving to you that we are the best local locksmiths and the only locksmiths you will ever need.

We do everything from residential locksmith jobs to commercial locksmith jobs. Most of the time people are calling us and getting our services because they need an emergency locksmith who can come to them. Usually it is because they have either locked themselves out of their car, broken their keys in the ignition or they are even locked out of their house or apartment. Whatever the reason we can help you with our locksmith services in Jersey City.

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Speed and dependability is something we work hard to be really good at. If you are looking for a local locksmith near you in Jersey City, then we are that company and we hope to hear from you soon.

The best way to see if we have an available locksmith to meet you at your location is to give us a call. We will listen to what you need, schedule a locksmith to meet you, and give you the best quality of services we have to offer.

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend…

Betty L. | Jun 19, 2014 | Elizabeth, NJ

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(908) 768-3971
Jersey City, NJ
Client Testimonial
The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend… ~ Betty L. - Elizabeth, NJ

Local Car Locksmith in Jersey City

Our Car Locksmith Services

People call us more for our car locksmith services than anything else. Let’s face it, we use our cars everyday and when we lose the keys, lock them in our car or break them we are in an emergency. Below is a list of just some of the car locksmith services we offer in Jersey City.

Car Door Lock Repair

Are your car door locks not working? We can help fix your locks so that they don’t give you any trouble anymore. Why should you fix your faulty locks? Well your locks are what keep your car safe and still your car. Without locks cars would easily be broken into and stolen. Another reason is that a difficult lock can cause keys to wear more over time and cause them to break in the lock and then you would need our car key extraction services.

Transponder Key Programming

Most likely your vehicle requires a car key that is chipped. We have special equipment that allows us to program new car keys to specific vehicles. Without the right programming a newly cut key won’t be able to start the car.

Call our locksmith today if you need replacement keys that need to be programmed.

Key Fob Replacement

Who doesn’t love the convenience of key fobs? Although they don’t last forever we sometimes thing they do and are shocked or even distressed when they stop working. We replace and program new key fobs to match our customers’ cars.

Broken Key Extraction

We have been called over and over again from customers whose key snapped in the ignition, door lock, or even trunk lock. Keys get worn over time and eventually every key will break. We have the expertise to extract your key and can cut a new key for you.

Car Lockouts

Who hasn’t locked their car keys in their car at least once. Some of us do it more often than others but the result for all of us is the same. We are found needing them really quickly when they are just out of reach.

Our experts are experienced with unlocking all types of cars, vans, trucks, and really anything that is considered a vehicle. Call as soon as you can in order to schedule one of our team to come to you and help you get back into your car.

Residential Locksmith in Jersey City

Our Services For Homes & Apartments

Not only do we help people with their locks and keys for their automobiles but we also help people with locks and keys for their homes and apartments. Below is a list of some popular services we offer residentially.

Mailbox Rekeying, Opening, and Key Cutting

Did you just recently move in and you don’t have a key for your mailbox? Mailboxes can be a little tricky and the most important thing is that you know which mailbox is yours. If you don’t have a clue, we can’t really help you find out which one it is by opening other people’s mailboxes.

So, before you call us make sure you know which mailbox is yours.

House Lockouts

So you left your home and left it locked and secure but are realizing now that you can’t get back in because you don’t have your keys. We can help with this too. We have years of experience helping people get back into their home or apartment where their keys are waiting patiently.


Do you need all the locks or some of the locks in your home rekeyed? Many people rekey their locks for multiple reasons. Maybe someone who used to live their has keys still, won’t return them, and shouldn’t be able to just come back.

We can rekey your house or apartment for you and provide multiple copies to you of your new keys.

Deadbolt Repair and Installation

Let’s face it, we all want our home or apartment to be safe. One way is to have a secure deadbolt on our entrances. We can help install brand new security deadbolts or if your deadbolts are broken we can help repair them and get them back up and running.

Sliding Glass Door Lock Repair or Window Lock Repairs

There are locks in our homes for a lot of different things. If your locks on sliding doors or windows need repaired, please let us know and we can help.

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