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Hello, my name is Boris and Mr. Locksmith is my company. We are a professional locksmith in Bayonne, NJ. We are mobile and travel all throughout Bayonne, Jersey City, Newark, and more.

Mr. Locksmith is my company and I take pride in doing good work every time. I am really good at answering my calls and helping people with their needs. I look forward to talking with you over the phone and helping you.

Our Locksmith Services in Bayonne, NJ

There are many different reasons why a person will call for our locksmith services in Bayonne. In today’s world we use locks and keys for so many different things. On top of the wide variety of use for locks and keys they continue to become more technical and technologically advanced. For example, before 1998 all car keys were not chipped. Starting in 1998 chipping car keys became a common practice. Chipped car keys or often called transponder keys communicate with the computer in the car to identify the key and the car as a match.

If the car key is not chipped or it’s chipped incorrectly or programmed incorrectly the key won’t be able to start the car although it will be able to open the door. Here at Mr. Locksmith we program car keys and copy and cut car keys from almost any make and model of car/vehicle.

* We do everything from house lockouts in Jersey City to key fob programming in Bayonne. If you need your house or apartment unlocked, we can do that too! Thanks for your interest and we hope to service you soon. Oh and don’t forget our mailbox locksmith services in Jersey City and all the surrounding cities as well.

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend…

Betty L. | Jun 19, 2014 | Elizabeth, NJ

Call Today!
(908) 768-3971
Jersey City, NJ
Client Testimonial
The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend… ~ Betty L. - Elizabeth, NJ

Car Lockouts in Bayonne

Did you lock your keys in your car?

Everyday a lot of people in Bayonne lock their keys in their cars or they lose their keys or even break their keys. When this happens a simple morning or afternoon can quickly turn into an emergency situation for these individuals. That is where we are certain we can take an emergency and make it as painless as possible.

We work hard to service our customers with quick and reliable locksmith services for all types, makes, and models of vehicles. We are experienced unlocking automobiles quickly, safely, and securely. Our prices are competitive, honest, and up front. Thank you for considering Mr. Locksmith for all your service needs.

Car Door Lock Repair

Are your car door locks not working properly?

Car door locks are an important security feature on all vehicles. What happens when they stop working or are having problems? If you car door locks are acting up, a few things might occur.

You may be experiencing difficulties unlocking and locking your door with your keys or even with the electrical locks that most cars have. If this happens, many drivers could easily lock themselves in their car or lock themselves out of their cars or not be able to lock their cars at all.

We can repair car door locks. We can also repair trunk locks.

Broken Key Extraction

Did you break your key in your lock or ignition?

This happens all the time. Nobody really realizes it but every time a key is used it becomes weaker and weaker. Eventually the key will become so weak that it will either bend or snap. When a car key snaps it often leaves a remaining piece inside a lock or even inside the ignition.

If you do not have the proper tools or experience to remove a car key, please don’t. People have been known to damage their ignitions or even their locks when trying to remove their keys themselves. Don’t make a bad situation even worse. Mr. Locksmith is the right company to call. We handle all types of car key extraction jobs in a quick and professional manner.

Car Key Programming/Cutting

We cut, program, and make new car keys!

Most people call to get a new car key made because they lost their old car key. Other people call for this service because they need a spare or have added a driver who needs their own key.

Whatever your case may be we can help. We program and cut new car keys. Most vehicles these days are chipped and need to be programmed to the car itself. Chipped car keys are harder to do and require special equipment to do this. If your car key isn’t chipped, it is less expensive. However, most cars require chipped car keys to start the car. A non chipped car key will be able to open the doors and the trunk but will not be able to communicate with the car and start it. Chipping car keys started in 1998.

Key Fob Replacements and Programming

We can also replace and program a new key fob for you. Key fobs are absolutely amazing and when they break, run out of batteries, or get lost almost everyone wants/needs them to be replaced. We can help!

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