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Jersey City, Nj

Date: Jan 8, 2016
“He came out for us right away to open a deadbolt on a door that we couldn't get open. He was good, he was very quick to get here and very quick to get it open as well. Overall, it was very good service.

Deadbolt Locksmith in Jersey City, NJ


Jersey City, NJ

Date: Dec 21, 2015
“He helped me fix my problem with my car, he helped me get into it. He was awesome, he was helpful, he was responsive, and he worked really quick.

Car Lockout Review in Jersey City, NJ

Services Provided

Customer was locked out of their car

Helen Cricco

Jersey City, NJ

Date: Nov 11, 2015
“GREAT!!! Best service out there for all door lock issues. They came super quick and didn't charge an arm and a leg. We will call them again (if necessary) and recommend to friends. Thank you so much. A very trust-worthy company.

Lock Repair Jersey City

Services Provided

Helen contacted us concerning a broken door lock. We were able to dispatch a technician to her location the same day and he performed to the necessary repairs. Helen was super happy with the quality of the work, the price, and how quickly we were able to fix her lock. She said she will be using us again if needed. We love working with customers like Helen and hope to have the chance to provide our services for you someday.


Jersey City, NJ

Date: Nov 5, 2015
“I was really happy that he got to me quickly. It was very important to me and even though it was in the evening he came directly and fixed my problem quickly.

Locked out of House Review in New Jersey

Services Provided

This customer was locked out of his apartment and found us by doing a Google search for a locksmith in Jersey City. He contacted us and explained his problem. We were able to dispatch a technician to his location quickly and get him back into his residence.

Betty L.

Elizabeth, NJ

Date: Jun 19, 2014
“The Locksmith was very prompt, courteous, and very helpful in our time of need. Within less than an hour we had our tour van's bad lock replaced with a brand new lock and we were ready to be back in business. Fantastic serve, we recommend them. You will want to book their services.

Lock Replacement in Elizabeth, NJ

Mr. Locksmith services the entire Jersey City area and its surrounding cities. We decided to create this page on our website first to inform our visitors that we are locksmiths for Jersey City and 2nd to share some interesting facts about our city. If you have some more interesting facts and information about Jersey City, NJ, we would love to include them here. If you are still hungry from some history, you could always first start with Jersey City’s own wikipedia page.

Basic Jersey City History

Did you know that Jersey City today is one of the most racial diverse cities in the entire world. Like New York City it is no stranger to immigrants first landing here to start their new lives in the United States of America. In fact, Jersey City (wasn’t known by that at first) was one of the first areas that was settled in the new world.

Today Jersey City has a population of over 240,000 people but the city used to be home to a lot larger of a population. In fact, the population peaked in 1930 with a little more than 316,000 people but for the next half a century it continued to see a decline in population and hit it a low of just over 220,000 people in 1980. Since then it has become a little more populous.

Jersey City wasn’t always know by this but was known by the City of Jersey. It was incorporated 3 times total, the last time on Feb. 22, 1838 and that is when the name of the city became Jersey City.

Our Little Part in Jersey City

Just like most here will all chip in to make our city what it is today. Mr. Locksmith helps people with any and all of their key & lock needs. We hope to help you enjoy living here even more by providing you with the best services we can!

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